Committed to
healthier products

Farmers don’t like to talk about themselves.
We prefer to listen. To the sun. The soil. The seasons.
When you pay close attention to these details and put in
extra work, everything grows just right.
That’s why we wake up early every morning to
deliver on our promise.

A Century
Worth of Roots


In 1915: The Bolthouse family
begins farming carrots in
Grant, Michigan.


By 1950: Bolthouse Farms was
a leading carrot supplier in the
Midwest with a reputation for
flavor and quality.


100+ Years: More than 100 years
later, we’ve grown all the way to
California’s Central Valley.

Making Better Choices
for the Planet

Soil Health

At Bolthouse Farms, we believe in making better
choices about how our food is grown. We use
compost to amend the soil on a regular basis, to
replenish organic matter and nurture the roots.

Renewable Energy

At one of our farms in California’s Antelope Valley, we use
pivot irrigation systems to water our crops and we power this
system in part through renewable energy provided by solar panels.
The two solar array systems here are 1.6-MW combined.
This irrigation system provides uniform water application,
which ensures more efficient hydration of the carrot crop.

Getting our Carrots
from the Farm

Carrots are packed and ready to ship within
48-hours of harvest.