In support of Bolthouse Farms company culture

People Powering Purpose


We believe in investing in our people and providing opportunities to help develop the next generation of leaders for the company and the produce industry. We consistently seek out ways for emerging leaders in our organization to help strengthen functional knowledge and leadership skills as well as providing networking and learning experiences with others in the industry.

Each year the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) – formerly the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and United Fresh – holds the Emerging Leaders Program at the University of Arizona as part of their Center for Growing Talent. This multifaceted program prepares future leaders from all segments of the fresh produce and floral supply chain industry to enhance their ability and knowledge as well as to network with other emerging leaders.

Amber Riley, Director of Field Sales & Merchandising, and Zachary Bjorkquist, National Sales Director, both strong leaders from our Sales Organization, had the opportunity to attend the 4-day program in Tucson, Arizona December 5 – 9, 2021 to learn from industry professionals and network with other young leaders. As attendees, Amber and Zach had the opportunity to refine cross-functional skills through real-world simulations and group exercises with other young professionals with diverse industry backgrounds. With a focus on both personal and professional development, they shared experiences that will have a lasting impact on their careers for the long term.

Amber truly appreciated the value of networking and forming relationships with peers throughout the global supply chain that the program brought, which will help her continue to grow her career. “Since completing the program, I have already connected offline with members of my group, and plan on reconnecting again in the future to share ideas about industry-wide challenges moving forward,” she said.

The interactive sessions and group exercises built valuable relationships, but Amber’s biggest takeaway was more personal, “the sessions helped me understand and have a better vision of the things that I need to continue to improve on to be more well-rounded as a leader. My participation in the program has inspired me to continue to seek more knowledge though continued learning to enable me to have a broader focus as a strategic thinker.”

A featured highlight of the Centers for Growing Talent Emerging Leaders Program was the participation of top industry leadership and university professors who provided coaching during the program. “This was a fantastic program from an educational standpoint and understanding how diverse the industry is – every job function you can think of was represented during the program, which was eye opening to see all that goes into the business,” recalled Zach. “And I enjoyed the Executive Team panel discussion where attendees were able to engage with leaders from the produce industry in a casual environment.”

Zach’s biggest takeaway from the four-day program was, “the importance of The Team! The idea of teamwork is incredibly important. Empathy is key – when you feel empathy for people you work with and learn a greater respect for others, it helps us think more creatively. Understanding each other is key to developing a cohesive team.”