I firmly believe in participation over politics, which is why voting is so important to me. It’s all of our accountability and responsibility to vote. But even though the U.S. Constitution affords us this right, it’s troubling to me that so many of us do not exercise it. One reason for this is the thought that our vote simply doesn’t count. But that’s far from the truth. Given the complexity and reality of our socio-economic and political climate today, I believe it’s more important than ever for each of us to participate in the upcoming election and have our voices heard as they all do matter.

I personally vote because I care about leadership. I care about effective leadership. I care about leadership that cares about me and what my issues are and is honest and direct in dealing with those. The best way I can influence those leaders is by how I vote and making my voice heard.

At Bolthouse Farms, I am able to help promote and foster our company culture, People Powering Purpose, which truly values having everyone’s voice heard. As a company, we felt strongly that we had to do our part to not only rally voter participation, but provide the education, the tools and the time our employees need to understand the importance of their vote and how to make sure each of their voices is heard.

Today we launched our Time to Vote Initiative, an employee engagement program designed to empower participation over politics. Our goals are to educate, raise awareness of key dates and important voting information, and encourage our employees to engage and participate.

We will do this by being pro-democracy and pro-voting without being partisan or talking about any specific candidates or parties. We want to encourage our employees to express their opinion and raise their voice, and not letting others decide for them who should be elected and what issues matter. We want to make sure employees know they are supported, and part of an organization committed to the vote.

I am confident in my belief that encouraging a vote is critically important regardless of party or politics. This year – maybe more than in recent national elections – there is a lot on the line for our families, our communities and our country. So please register today by visiting www.vote.org and then exercise your right as an American and vote!

Jeff Dunn
Chief Executive Officer