“I love being able to start with an idea, create it, and then watch it go all the way through the development process and then into a grocery store. Seeing your idea on a shelf in the store is really exciting. And I love when our leaders talk about innovation driving growth. It’s exciting to be a part of a company that wants innovation to drive our business.” - Elizabeth Tipton, Senior Research Scientist, Research and Development based in Bakersfield, Calif.

Elizabeth Tipton grew up in Bakersfield, California, and after leaving town for a few years for school, she decided she wanted to move back to be closer to family. In July of 2007, Elizabeth interviewed for a Research & Development (R&D) Technician role and shortly after started at Bolthouse Farms. Elizabeth said, “it’s one of those things in life when everything just worked out. The work has always been so interesting to me. I love our brand and how we contribute to healthy food in our grocery stores. It’s inspiring.”

In her current role as a Senior Research Scientist in R&D, Elizabeth is responsible for product ideas and development, which is a role critical to the company’s continued push for innovative and functional products. A little over a year ago, when Bolthouse Farms decided to launch a Protein KETOTM line of beverages, Elizabeth was the first to raise her hand for the project because of her personal connection to the keto diet. Elizabeth has been living a Keto lifestyle for several years and was excited to combine her personal health passion with her work. The project started first with the dairy-based Protein KETO line and later expanded into the newly released plant-based Protein KETO beverages. Elizabeth was responsible for many aspects of the development, from identifying the plant-based protein source to finding the perfect combination of ingredients. Her personal favorite flavor is the plant-based Protein KETO Cinnamon Horchata.

When Elizabeth reflects on her 13 years and counting at Bolthouse Farms, she says her favorite memory is when she launched her first beverage, the 50/50 fruit & vegetable juice blend, and her family threw a launch party because they were so proud of her. Her family’s support didn’t stop there, Elizabeth’s grandmother used to work at a local grocery store and recommended the 50/50 juice to everyone! To Elizabeth, seeing her idea on a shelf in a store is one of her favorite parts of the job.

For Elizabeth, Bolthouse’s vision of Plants Powering PeopleTM reminds her of the link between Bolthouse’s heritage and what the future holds. “Bolthouse is in a unique situation where we have a farming heritage that we can look back on and pull forward into our story today. And to think about where plants can take us is exciting!”