"To be a part of a company where there's such a tremendous amount of loyalty and passion for everyone and everything that we're all doing is incredible. I think we have a nice sense of unity."

Amber Riley has been working for Bolthouse Farms for nearly 14 years. Now a Regional Field Sales Manager, Amber is in charge of a nine-person team and manages sales in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. Amber wasn’t always in merchandising, though! Her introduction to Bolthouse Farms is funny and unique, just like Amber. When she was in college, she worked a few jobs, one of which was bartending. One of her friends who worked for Bolthouse Farms approached her and encouraged her to apply for a job, but Amber was hesitant because her college degree is in English. In an effort to convince Amber to change her mind, her friend gave her a Bolthouse Farms Mango Lemonade and encouraged her to make a mixed drink with it, knowing Amber would change her mind once she tasted the beverage. “I fell in love with the product and said whatever this is, I’m sold and I’ll start whenever you want me to,” said Amber.

Reflecting on her nearly 14 years with the company, Amber says she’s stayed at Bolthouse Farms for so long because of the culture the company has created. “It’s the sense of family, the sense of history and my belief in the brand,” Amber said. “To be a part of a company where there’s such a tremendous amount of loyalty and passion for everyone and everything that we’re all doing is incredible. I think we have a nice sense of unity here.”

Looking back, Amber shared that some of her most memorable moments have been sales meetings and community events. “You make millions of memories with people you care about. There are team building and wonderful bonding experiences,” Amber said. And, as amazing as Zoom calls are, Amber can’t wait to get back to in-person meetings so she can be with her team and interact with consumers who love the products as much as she does.

When Amber talks about Bolthouse Farms, her face lights up and you can tell how excited she is about the brand. She jokes that she’ll talk about Bolthouse Farms for hours on end when given the chance. The brand’s new innovations are just one of the things that excite Amber about the brand. Amber describes herself as someone who doesn’t cook, so she views the Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™ carrot swaps as a foolproof way to enjoy carrots. She’s looking forward to everyone getting the chance to taste the new innovations.

When asked what our vision of Plants Powering People™ means to Amber, she said, “For me, it represents our evolution as a company. We’ve always been carrot farmers, but all the innovations to come are inspiring. It’s a whole movement and it’s amazing to know our company is paving the way. I’m also really excited about the new wave of mindful eating. Everything about Bolthouse Farms today shows me how far we’ve come since I began my career here. We’ve progressed and added to our portfolio, and our products are helping people make healthier choices.”