“Giving your body something good that will keep you pushing forward. As a company we are helping to facilitate that by innovating and developing healthier, delicious options for people.”

Lynn Walsh joined Bolthouse Farms in August of 2017 as a Senior Paralegal in the Office of Legal Affairs. She really liked Bolthouse Farms products, what the company stood for and the fact that the company was growing, so when presented with a great opportunity to join the team, and the chance to work with Matt Ayres, Bolthouse Farms SVP, General Counsel, again, she gladly accepted. Helping to affect change at Bolthouse Farms by supporting new, exciting products resonated with Lynn, “I have not looked back, and have stayed the course and I am happy for it!”

In 2019 Lynn was promoted to her current role, Manager, Office of Legal Affairs. She works closely with the Marketing and Digital Transformation teams on all forms of consumer communication including packaging, e-commerce, advertising, public relations and social media. Bolthouse Farms is a very dynamic company, so a big part of expanding her role was to better support multiple projects from a legal perspective and help the team be more flexible through change. Lynn continues to be excited to work for a company that is doing interesting, relevant things and constantly exploring new ways to innovate. “Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™ is an example of how the company completely revolutionized the carrot in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) category. When is the last time someone improved the carrot!?!”

Lynn thinks that the people at Bolthouse Farms are hands down her favorite part of her job, quoting the phrase ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ with a smile. Bolthouse Farms could not achieve all of the things it has so far without strong teamwork. “I am always learning because people bring diversity of thought to every challenge, which creates a willingness to bring something different to the table. Every voice matters in the conversation, and I feel that I am growing as a result.” There isn’t another position in Bolthouse Farms that Lynn feels would bring her more joy, but she has great admiration for those who run the carrot fields. “I really enjoyed taking the carrot field tour. Our fields are massive and so beautiful that I did not want to leave!”

While reflecting on her time in the carrot fields, Lynn shared what Bolthouse Farm’s purpose means to her, “Giving your body something good that will keep you pushing forward. As a company, we are helping to facilitate that by innovating and developing healthier, delicious options for people.” Lynn takes this belief to heart never leaving the house without fresh carrots. She loves to eat them straight out of the bag, especially when on-the-go, and she throws Bolthouse Farms snack packs of baby carrots in her bag when she needs a simple sweet snack that she can feel good about eating.

Lynn described what guides her in life when she shared her personal motto. “Every day when I wake-up I say three things: thank you, I am here, and what can I do to make a difference. I thank the universe for the opportunity to help make a difference in the world, which in today’s times can be as simple as saying hello to someone and making them smile.” There is no doubt that Lynn’s motto was heavily influenced by her mom and personal hero. Elizabeth, whom everyone lovingly calls “Betsy,” is a retired Major in the U.S. Army. Her mom stood up and stood out during a time when few women could do so in the very male dominated military. “My mom is a powerhouse who I have learned so much from in life. Years in the military, a cancer survivor, she is my hero. She has had her strength and dignity through everything and showed me how to be a good person.”