“Our team is thinking about some great ideas around carrot innovation and what we can do. I think the carrot dogs are just the beginning and it’s our initial launch into some really exciting innovation projects.”

Kourtney Kobdish has been a part of the Bolthouse Farms team for nearly six-and-a-half years. Through that time, he has seen the business grow and change into what it is today. As a Research and Development (R&D) Senior Scientist, Kourtney is responsible for product development and project management for the R&D team. While his background is in chemistry, a self-described foodie like Kourtney knew right away that Bolthouse Farms would be a good working fit for him.

“I knew I wanted to work with food and be creative. I grew up in the Central Valley [of Calif.] where agriculture is everywhere, so working for a local agriculture company seemed like a perfect fit,” said Kourtney. “For the past six years, this has been a job where I enjoy coming in to work every day. The projects constantly evolve and there’s always something new.”

For Kourtney, one of his favorite parts about the job is getting to see something that started as simply an idea develop into a real product that people can buy at their local grocery store. Most recently, Kourtney and his team worked on the development of Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™, a line of carrot innovations including carrot dogs, noodled carrot kits and riced carrot kits. Kourtney was closely involved with the development of these carrot innovations, particularly the carrot dog, which has become one of Kourtney’s favorite products at Bolthouse Farms. He is excited to hear how consumers respond as the Wunderoots line begins to appear in stores across the U.S. this month.

As a member of the R&D team, Kourtney’s job can literally get messy. He said some of the most fun memories he has at Bolthouse Farms are when he and his team are working on new experiments. “We work with a lot of equipment, so as you can imagine, sometimes we get projects that lead us to develop insane contraptions. There have been too many to count. Sometimes, we are in the middle of working with a new product or machinery and juice just ends up spraying everywhere. From the ceiling to the walls, I’ve scrubbed juice and purees off of every surface of our pilot plant,” Kourtney said with a smile.

When asked what our purpose of Plants Powering People™ means to him, Kourtney said, “To me, Plants Powering People means incorporating more plants into our diets wherever we can. We all strive to eat more fruits and vegetables because we feel better and more satisfied when we eat healthy. I feel good being part of a company where we can empower people through eating more plants and offer products that are plant-based, healthier and sustainable. It’s food we can all eat and feel good about eating.”