The right to vote is something that has been fought for since our country was established, and was a long sought after milestone for the women’s and civil rights movements, yet only about 55% of us get out – or mail in – and actually vote (a percentage incredibly low when compared to other developed countries).

With such privilege, why do we as citizens not vote? It often comes down to a lack of voter education, an overly complicated voting process, political burnout or disinterest, or simply our perception of not having the time or thinking our vote won’t matter anyway.

Bolthouse Farms company culture – People Powering Purpose – truly values having everyone’s voice heard. As a company, we realized we must do our part to not only rally voter participation, but provide the education, the tools and the time our employees need to understand the importance of their vote and how to make sure each of their voices is heard.

Today we launched our Time to Vote Initiative, an employee program designed to empower participation over politics and encourage our employees to take action, make their voices heard and vote!

Our goal is to provide pro-democracy, non-partisan voter education, raise awareness of key dates and important voting information and encourage participation. We want to encourage our employees to express their opinion and raise their voice, and not let others decide for them who should be elected and what issues matter. From top to bottom, we will make sure employees know they are supported, and part of an organization committed to the vote.

With the start of this program, we want to encourage all Americans to take the first step today by registering to vote or verifying you are registered by visiting Look for updates here in the coming weeks.