We got a refresh!


A new look on the outside. Same delicious taste, and plentiful nutrition on the inside.


Why the change? It’s quite simple: it was time for a refresh. We’ve been wearing our labels for over ten years now, and we felt it was time to bring new energy to our packaging. After all, we all know how good it feels to get a fresh, new wardrobe. With this label change, we listened to you – our consumers – to guide our new look. We heard from you that our juices and smoothies are ‘refreshing’, ‘delicious’, and ‘full of goodness’ and that our dressings are ‘better for you’ and ‘packed with flavor’.

We value the role that our products play in your lives, and we want the outside of our bottles to embody all the bountiful goodness on the inside. We believe in cultivating more – filling every bottle with loads of thoughtful ingredients, carefully crafted into delicious blends that taste as good as they feel. And now, we think our packaging better reflects this goodness for every flavor.

Some parts of our new look should feel familiar, like our Bolthouse Farms script logo, just slightly modernized. Other parts may feel brand new, like the ingredient imagery cascading from the bottle cap. We chose this design element to visually show the abundance of fruits, veggies, and other delicious ingredients packed into each of our products. Our most important benefits, like servings of fruits & veggies for our fruit & veggie juices and smoothies or grams of protein for our Protein Plus flavors, are front and center as a reminder of all the good stuff we put into our beverages. On our dressing bottles, we’re still highlighting that our dressings are 50 calories or less and made with delicious Greek yogurt, but now we’re using the neck band to call out the other yummy ingredients inside. So, what do you say? A refreshed Bolthouse, for a replenished you.


We’d love to hear your thoughts, so let us know what you think!

Good news! Our products are still the same products you know and love, just wrapped up in a fresh, new look.

Our new dressing packaging will start appearing in stores in late October. You might still see our prior labels on grocery shelves next to our new labels during our transition period. Be on the lookout for our new look!

Retailer website product images will be updated in phases. You might see our prior and new labels on retailer websites during our transition period.

Most of our packaging is recyclable, but recycling is subject to local guidelines. We suggest you contact your local authority to confirm that any packaging is acceptable for recycling in your area. In addition, you can visit www.how2recycle.com and www.earth911.com to find information about curbside recycling and drop-off recycling options in your area.

Eventually, all Bolthouse Farms packaging will be refreshed. Our beverages transitioned to our new look in the first half of 2023, and our dressings will follow in fall 2023. Bolthouse Farms carrot products will transition in 2024.

Our products have not changed. We simply removed the fruit and veggie counts from our labels. We still proudly wear the fruit & veggie servings button on the front of our labels for our fruit & veggie blends.

• Green Immunity Boost to Pineapple Kale Ginger Boost
• Superfood Immunity Boost to Berry Superfood Boost
• C Boost to Mango Cherry C Boost

We made these product name tweaks to include some of the top ingredients in the name, this way you can get a better idea for what this beverage tastes like!