Gardening Hacks
POSTED: 09/04/2013

Maybe you have a green thumb and maybe you don’t, but who doesn’t love few gardening life hacks?! We certainly do. Whether you are enhancing your outdoor garden or starting one inside, try out a few cool tricks that will make everyone think you are a gardening guru.

Growing seeds isn’t always that easy for the less seasoned gardeners. You cannot control the elements outside and sometimes you need some patience. Playing Mozart for those seeds won’t make them grow any faster! Try starting off your seedlings in half of a citrus peel. After squeezing the lemon or juicing an orange, remove the pulp from the peel. Poke a hole at the bottom for drainage; add soil and seeds and then water! Make sure you read the seed packet directions so your little seedling get the right amount of light and water. Once your seeds are sprouted, you can plant the citrus peel outside or in a pot. The peel will disintegrate and provide lots of nourishment to help those seedlings grow! You can also do the same with egg shells in an egg carton—not the plastic or foam ones, those won’t break down! Same steps, but slightly more precarious. If you don’t want to deal with egg gunk and fragile shells, we recommend sticking to the citrus peels but it is the same idea!

If you’re limited in space, go vertical! Take the plants off the ground, and hang them on the fence or walls or anywhere in the house. You can create a hanging planter rod along the fence to hang up heavy pots of herbs and flowers. You can also use a shoe caddy to plant herbs and spices. Make sure water can drain. If not, poke holes at the bottom of the shoe caddy pockets. Raising the garden off the ground will help cut back weeds and pests. Follow safe building practices and always secure your hanging gardens because water, soil, and compost are heavy!

When you are one with nature in your backyard, do you feel like you are always losing your gardening gloves, spade and shovel? Make a little gardening storage pal so you never misplace your gardening tools again! Find or purchase a metal pail—you can paint it if you like! Glue little magnets to your gloves so they will stick against the pail. Remember to always put your spade and shovel away. You can carry around your new gardening tool caddy without worrying about losing a glove.

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