Food Day
POSTED: 10/25/2013

It’s the time of the year again, Food Day 2013! Food Day is a national event to celebrate healthy, affordable and sustainable food. On this year’s Food Day, ditch the junk, the sugar, the bad-for-you, and enjoy some fruits, veggies, wholegrain, and healthy-for-you eats. Food Day is October 24 and there are many ways to learn, participate and get involved.

Food Day is not just about eating healthy one day a year; it is about building lifelong healthy nutritional habits. There is also a spotlight on sustainable and organic farms, reducing hunger, factory reform and fair working conditions for farmers. Food Activists join together under the motto “Eat Real” to educate Americans and bring change to the American food system.

One way to get involved is through social media. Food Day is on Facebook, Twitter (@FoodDay2013), Instagram (@food_day), and Pinterest. Tweet, post and share using the hashtags: #FoodDay2013, #EatReal, #LetsGetCooking, and #FoodEd. Join Twitter parties to discuss food, healthy recipes, cooking with kids, and a whole other array of topics. There will be activities and games to get everyone involved in this year’s Food Day. Get creative and share pictures of you participating in food. Download recipes and share your own. Take the Food Day app's quiz and get your diet score based on health, animal welfare, and environmental impact. Food Day is not just limited to online, check out what is happening in your local community. Find an event here.

Get your entire family involve and if your community isn’t, host an event. Take action and join in this year’s Food Day’s events. Learn and grow with everyone and enjoy healthy and delicious foods. Don’t forget to share your Food Day experience!

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